My Mom Hired the Wrong Plumber in Miami Springs, FL

I’m 28 year-old blogger and still living with my mom. Don’t judge.

I live an adventurous life. Every now and then, I go trekking in places like Nepal and Indonesia. During those times that I am in the mountains, my mom would be alone for 2 to 4 days. She has become used to my absence.

Since most of the time I’m not around, she have to wait until I came back just to get even the minor plumbing issues fixed. I am not a skilled plumber. I just happen to read a lot about plumbing stuff during my free time.
Plumber Miami Springs

Then there is this moment when she told me that there’s something unusual about our bathroom. When I checked, I observed nothing wrong so, I told her that she might just be imagining things. Even though I feel a bit worried about leaving her with her worries, I went ahead and went trekking with a group of friends. This time I was gone for 4 days.
When I came back, the small problem that mom pointed out wasn’t just visible, it escalated to a full-blown disaster. There is water everywhere on the bathroom floor. Mom said that she noticed that there are leaks and that she could no longer wait for me. She hired a plumber in Miami Springs, but didn’t do much research about the technician because of the urgent situation.
The plumbing “expert” didn’t help much and instead he made the situation worst. I contacted the only trusted plumbing company that I know. I kept hearing good things about Plumbers 911, and hiring them for their leak detection service was the best decision I have ever done.
I talked to the operator and asked if there is an available emergency plumber in South Florida. Within the hour of my call, a professional contractor arrived and fixed the problem right away. What a hassle-free and quick service! We are sure to use them again.

Why I Decided to Hire Beaumont Plumbers – and Why You Should Too

Last week was a terrible week for all of us in our family. Just so you know, we hired a contractor to update our bathroom in our home in Texas. It was a 2 month-long project that was going on so well at first until we tested the plumbing works and it was a total mess. The water heater pipe was incorrectly installed causing a leak. There were also some drains backing up when we use the shower.

Luckily, Plumbers 911 Texas came to the rescue. My older cousin recommended them to me a few weeks ago when he heard about my plan to have our bathroom remodeled. I just said yes and forgot about it entirely until that unfortunate day.

I called Plumbers 911 and let them fix all the issues. They even detected more problems than the previous contractor had seen! At the end of the day, I spent more than I should have but I was glad that I hired the right plumber the second time. Working with them was a breeze!

Beaumont plumbers

What I learned from this experience is that it’s good to have a decorated bathroom, but priority should be given to the bathroom’s functionality and safety features. I learned the hard way, and I regretted that I hired an incompetent technician to do the plumbing of our newly updated bathroom. At least next time I’ll know who to call.

If you want to know more about Plumbers 911 Texas, they are a reputable plumbing company in Beaumont with a number of skilled and professional plumbers on staff. They offer bathroom remodeling in Beaumont and other plumbing services too, such as leak detection and sewage cleaning. You can call them anytime!

Here is their website Plumbers 911 Texas and contact info (409) 237-3137.

Also, you can check out this video to learn about their services:

5 Common Problems With the Water Heater in Your Miami Home

water heater replacement miamiOkay, so you just got a water heater installed. You decide to jump in quickly to try it, but to your dismay the water is frigid cold. What might be the problem?

Before you snatch up that phone for a refund, you first need to know that these are common problems and they can be fixed. Here are some common problems you might encounter with your water heater.

Water is cold

If your water heater runs by electricity, and it is not bringing you hot water after being turned on for some time, the problem may be with the water heating component. Try to check if this is the problem and replace it with a new one.

Another problem may be the thermostat, which is the monitoring device. Water that’s too hot or too cold can be the result of this problem.

Leaking water

This is a common problem for water heaters, when water leaks either from the tip or from the bottom of the appliance. Leaks can be caused by a number of various problems like corrosion.

When water sits in the tubes for long periods, sediment and rust build up. Eventually, these elements create cracks inside the tubes and the tank itself.

There’s not enough water

Another big problem you might encounter is there is not enough water. When this happens, it’s usually the thermostat that has a problem. Check if the device is properly working and consider the actual temperature of the water to what you can see on the gauge.

A clogged vent can also be the cause of the problem. It may change the normal flow of water from the tubing.

Rusty water

Rusty colored water is usually the cause of a dissolved anode rod. An anode rod is the component of the heater that attracts corrosive elements in the water.

If it is defective, it often emits a sulphuric smell caused by rusting and degradation of the metal. If this is the problem, it might be time to change the anode of the water heater.

Eerie and popping noises

When there is an eerie sound emitting from the water heater, it usually is caused by buildup of sediments inside the tank. Remove the sediments by flushing them out and filling the tank with new clean water.

It is not advisable to install or repair a water heater on your own. Instead, we advise you to contact a local Miami plumbing expert immediately to ensure that your heater is properly installed and maintained.

4 Common Septic Tank Problems in Your Fort Lauderdale Home

septic tank cleaning Fort Lauderdale

Do you want to be sure that all members of your family are relatively healthy? In this world filled with processed foods and unhealthy practices, this seems to be a tall order. But there’s an effective way you can keep your family healthy all the time.

That is to be armed with the basic knowledge about the 4 most common septic tank problems in your home. The septic tank is the perfect breeding ground for all types of pathogens and knowledge about its problems will enable you to prevent them from adversely affecting your family.

Here are the 4 most common problems that could develop in your septic tank:

1. Soakaway problem
You will know if you have a soakaway septic tank problem when:
● you empty the sink but the water backs up to the bathtub or the shower
● your toilet keeps on overflowing
● there is a stinky smell coming from the drain pipes
● flushing the toilet becomes too slow
● there are foul smells and the presence of wet waste in your surroundings

2. Strange sounds
Noises coming from the sink such as gurgling sounds indicate there is a problem in the system. It could mean a blocked or clogged drain field, or it could be the result of an intermittent increase in the water volume passing through the pipes.

3. Slow draining
A septic tank that takes too long to drain indicates a problem in the system. This can be caused by solid waste entering the tank’s drain field. When solid waste travels fast and does not have sufficient time to break down, it will clog the pipes and compromise the draining capability of the system.

4. Leaking pipes
Septic tank leaks are often unnoticed until the problem becomes too big. But you can observe its symptoms – green grass near the pipes which is greener than the surrounding grass and which grows faster. It could mean they are being ‘fertilized’ by the substance leaking from the pipe.

When it comes to any plumbing problem, it is always best to get the services of a professional Fort Lauderdale plumbers.

Bathroom Remodeling Help from Local Chicago Plumbers

bathroom remodeling chicagoOver time, you’ll discover that your precious bathtub no longer looks stunning. Don’t panic. Just like other plumbing fixtures and appliances, it is also prone to deterioration. It may incur cracks. It may get chipped off. And it really doesn’t matter whether it’s made from fiberglass or porcelain or ceramic. It will get old and look worn out. So if you are into DIY plumbing, read on and find out how to use a bath repair kit to make your tub look gorgeous again.

  1. Clean the affected area thoroughly with a rag and a gentle soap. Rinse it with water and let it dry.
  2. Get a fine sandpaper and sand the spot around the crack. Once you’re done, brush the dust away.
  3. Using the fiberglass adhesive that came with your bath repair kit, paint the crack. Make sure that it will extend to about an inch around the damaged area. Let the adhesive dry as per instructions.
  4. When it’s already dry, get the fiberglass filler and fill the crack up. Use your putty knife and remove any excess filler on the tub’s surface. Once again, let it dry.
  5. Sand the affected area using a fine sandpaper until the surface is already leveled. Remove the dust with a clean rag.
  6. Combine the epoxy mixture and brush it on the area that you patched. Paint the very crack and extend it up to two inches around.
  7. Your repair kit should come with a fiberglass cloth. Cut a piece of it and press it onto the wet epoxy coating. Run your putty knife on the cloth to get rid of air bubbles. Make sure that the cloth is flat and smooth on your tub.
  8. Coat the area with another layer of epoxy. Once you’re done, apply the finish sealer or coat with the use of your paint brush. Let the area dry before using the tub.

I hope that you learned something from this bathroom remodeling tips from local Chicago plumbers . Also, read about porcelain tub repair if you need to. And should you require the help of plumbing experts, don’t forget to call the services of Plumbers 911 Chicago.

If you need to re-caulk your bathtub, watch this video and learn how to do just that!

Shower Installation Tips For Your Sunrise FL Home

shower installation SunriseHigh-end showers are not really necessities. In fact, they’re more of our wants which isn’t wrong at all. If you have the budget to splurge on your fixtures, appliances and whatever it is that can add value to your home, you should go ahead and enjoy the renovation. After all, it’s your haven, the place you’ll spend your entire life in, we’re talking about.

Be warned though that fixture upgrades aren’t as affordable as you thought they were. Some faucets even amount up to thousands of dollars.

I hope you have checked out This Old House’s collection on high-end yet very functional showers. Some people would say that buying a $1200 shower is a crazy idea. Well, it really depends on your perspective. If you are financially capable and look forward to increasing the value of your home no matter what it takes, then luxury faucets are for you. I guess that’s the reason why they’re called “luxury” — you don’t need them but you want them anyway and you get them for outrageous rates.  So if you’re still willing to go on a faucet shopping spree, research for the best ones that will suit your needs. There are a lot of buying guide for taps that’s written based on consumer feedback and marketing reports.

For those who cannot simply afford luxury, you may get a good shower system without breaking your bank. There are so many kinds and brands available, just search online or check out nearby hardware shops.

Hoping that these resources are valuable enough to teach you how to buy luxury showers in Sunrise! Should you need professional help with their installation, just call the most reliable Sunrise plumbers in FL! Plumbers 911 Florida guarantees Broward County plumbing services including plumbing fixture installation! Call them immediately for immediate and efficient plumbing service.

Grilled Vegetables Recipes For The Weekend Backyard Party

grilled vegetablesBackyard barbecues are known for juicy pork slabs, tender beef roasts and fall-off-the-bone ribs. However, just as much as these are delicious, you should also consider serving veggies to give the menu not only a little variety but also to make it a bit healthier. Veggies may not sound as exciting for people who love meat better but if these are cooked perfectly on the grill, I’m pretty sure that they’re going to be blockbusters. With that being said, let me share some recipes that your guests will surely love!

Top 10 Grilled Vegetable Recipes

Need great grilling recipes? Fire up the barbeque with one of our favorite BBQ vegetable recipes for the grill. In a small bowl, whisk the first seven ingredients. Place 3 tablespoons marinade in a large resealable plastic bag. Add vegetables; seal bag and turn to coat. Marinate 1-1/2 hours at room temperature.

Transfer vegetables to a grilling grid; place grid on grill rack. Grill vegetables, covered, over medium heat 8-12 minutes or until crisp-tender, turning occasionally.

That’s an obviously enticing collection of grilled vegetables recipes. I specially love the roasted portobellos with mozzarella cheese! It’s definitely cheesy and juicy with a dose of sweetness. The corns, of course, are a popular choice among barbecue lovers. Who would ever eat grilled steak without it? Anyway, if you didn’t find anything you like on the list I just gave, here’s another one you should definitely check out.

Grilled Vegetables

A lot of veggies do well on the grill, but some reallystand out–asparagus, corn, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers (bell or hot), onions, even cabbage. Most vegetables cook better and are less likely to stick if marinated first or brushed lightly with cooking oil. For added flavor, sprinkle grilled vegetables with fresh herbs. Perfect for grilling, corn even comes with its own wrapper. Corn’s frequent companion, the tomato, might not seem well-suited for grilling, but it works surprisingly well. Grilling also brings out the best in most mushrooms, especially portobellos. Depending on what you’re grilling, you might want to cut larger veggies (like eggplants, squash, and onions) into smaller pieces. Small vegetables like cherry tomatoes or sliced veggies work best threaded through kabobs. You can also wrap vegetables in heavy duty foil, though cooking in foil cuts back on that appealing smoky flavor.

I wish that you’ll love these grilled vegetables I shared with you today. If you haven’t decided on the veggies that you’ll serve, read this article about the best vegetables for grilling. If you still don’t have a grill for your home or business, visit

Get awesome tips and tricks when grilling your veggies! Watch this video now.

Hog Roast Side Dish Ideas For Your Barbecue Dinner Party

Baked Beans And Brown Bread SettingPlanning a hog roast for your barbecue party? Your should round things up with the right side dish! There’s a wide variety of choices available for a pork dish. From potatoes, a salad, to baked beans. Sky’s the limit for what you can pair with your yummy roast. Check out the ideas and recipes we have in mind below.

Spanish rice

Spanish rice is an easy side dish to make that’s yummy even on its own. With a few more ingredients you can even repurpose it as a main dish. It will be a sure hit with your hog roast!

You need the following:

1 cup rice (regular, uncooked)

1/2 cup chopped onion

2 tbps vegetable oil

2.5 cups water

1 can tomato sauce

1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

Chili powder and garlic powder to taste.

Pour the oil into the skillet and toss in the onion and the rice for roughly 3 minutes. Make sure the rice doesn’t get burned by stirring it every now and then. Keep doing this until the onions are tender and the rice turns golden brown.

Toss in the rest of your ingredients and turn up the heat until it boils. Lower the heat afterwards and place the cover. Allow it to simmer for half an hour and stir it occasionally until your rice is soft and easy to eat.

Baked beans

Baked beans are a classic and easy to whip up. Here’s a basic recipe you can replicate at home.

You will need:

1 (28 ounce) can beans

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup onion (chopped)

1/4 cup ketchup

1/2 teaspoon mustard

1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Stir as thoroughly as you can to make sure all the ingredients are distributed evenly.

Place the ingredients in a pan or your container of choice.

Bake it in an oven set to 350 degrees. Check the progress and stir when you hit the halfway point.

Allow it to cook for 40 minutes to an hour. Your halfway point would be roughly 20 minutes to 30.

We hope you enjoy these hog roast side dish ideas. Here are more pig roast seasoning tips. If you’re looking for an oven, look further than La Caja China. Call them at 1-800-338-1323.

Check out this video to getting that crispy skin on your hog roast.