My Mom Hired the Wrong Plumber in Miami Springs, FL

I’m 28 year-old blogger and still living with my mom. Don’t judge.

I live an adventurous life. Every now and then, I go trekking in places like Nepal and Indonesia. During those times that I am in the mountains, my mom would be alone for 2 to 4 days. She has become used to my absence.

Since most of the time I’m not around, she have to wait until I came back just to get even the minor plumbing issues fixed. I am not a skilled plumber. I just happen to read a lot about plumbing stuff during my free time.
Plumber Miami Springs

Then there is this moment when she told me that there’s something unusual about our bathroom. When I checked, I observed nothing wrong so, I told her that she might just be imagining things. Even though I feel a bit worried about leaving her with her worries, I went ahead and went trekking with a group of friends. This time I was gone for 4 days.
When I came back, the small problem that mom pointed out wasn’t just visible, it escalated to a full-blown disaster. There is water everywhere on the bathroom floor. Mom said that she noticed that there are leaks and that she could no longer wait for me. She hired a plumber in Miami Springs, but didn’t do much research about the technician because of the urgent situation.
The plumbing “expert” didn’t help much and instead he made the situation worst. I contacted the only trusted plumbing company that I know. I kept hearing good things about Plumbers 911, and hiring them for their leak detection service was the best decision I have ever done.
I talked to the operator and asked if there is an available emergency plumber in South Florida. Within the hour of my call, a professional contractor arrived and fixed the problem right away. What a hassle-free and quick service! We are sure to use them again.