Bathroom Remodeling Help from Local Chicago Plumbers

bathroom remodeling chicagoOver time, you’ll discover that your precious bathtub no longer looks stunning. Don’t panic. Just like other plumbing fixtures and appliances, it is also prone to deterioration. It may incur cracks. It may get chipped off. And it really doesn’t matter whether it’s made from fiberglass or porcelain or ceramic. It will get old and look worn out. So if you are into DIY plumbing, read on and find out how to use a bath repair kit to make your tub look gorgeous again.

  1. Clean the affected area thoroughly with a rag and a gentle soap. Rinse it with water and let it dry.
  2. Get a fine sandpaper and sand the spot around the crack. Once you’re done, brush the dust away.
  3. Using the fiberglass adhesive that came with your bath repair kit, paint the crack. Make sure that it will extend to about an inch around the damaged area. Let the adhesive dry as per instructions.
  4. When it’s already dry, get the fiberglass filler and fill the crack up. Use your putty knife and remove any excess filler on the tub’s surface. Once again, let it dry.
  5. Sand the affected area using a fine sandpaper until the surface is already leveled. Remove the dust with a clean rag.
  6. Combine the epoxy mixture and brush it on the area that you patched. Paint the very crack and extend it up to two inches around.
  7. Your repair kit should come with a fiberglass cloth. Cut a piece of it and press it onto the wet epoxy coating. Run your putty knife on the cloth to get rid of air bubbles. Make sure that the cloth is flat and smooth on your tub.
  8. Coat the area with another layer of epoxy. Once you’re done, apply the finish sealer or coat with the use of your paint brush. Let the area dry before using the tub.

I hope that you learned something from this bathroom remodeling tips from local Chicago plumbers . Also, read about porcelain tub repair if you need to. And should you require the help of plumbing experts, don’t forget to call the services of Plumbers 911 Chicago.

If you need to re-caulk your bathtub, watch this video and learn how to do just that!

Shower Installation Tips For Your Sunrise FL Home

shower installation SunriseHigh-end showers are not really necessities. In fact, they’re more of our wants which isn’t wrong at all. If you have the budget to splurge on your fixtures, appliances and whatever it is that can add value to your home, you should go ahead and enjoy the renovation. After all, it’s your haven, the place you’ll spend your entire life in, we’re talking about.

Be warned though that fixture upgrades aren’t as affordable as you thought they were. Some faucets even amount up to thousands of dollars.

I hope you have checked out This Old House’s collection on high-end yet very functional showers. Some people would say that buying a $1200 shower is a crazy idea. Well, it really depends on your perspective. If you are financially capable and look forward to increasing the value of your home no matter what it takes, then luxury faucets are for you. I guess that’s the reason why they’re called “luxury” — you don’t need them but you want them anyway and you get them for outrageous rates.  So if you’re still willing to go on a faucet shopping spree, research for the best ones that will suit your needs. There are a lot of buying guide for taps that’s written based on consumer feedback and marketing reports.

For those who cannot simply afford luxury, you may get a good shower system without breaking your bank. There are so many kinds and brands available, just search online or check out nearby hardware shops.

Hoping that these resources are valuable enough to teach you how to buy luxury showers in Sunrise! Should you need professional help with their installation, just call the most reliable Sunrise plumbers in FL! Plumbers 911 Florida guarantees Broward County plumbing services including plumbing fixture installation! Call them immediately for immediate and efficient plumbing service.